@numericcitizen Seriously. Seems crazy anyone would just delete a quarter century of such resources from the web. Internet Archive may help, but still.

@numericcitizen So this is due to Amazon job cuts. 😕

@numericcitizen Oh no! I’m kind of shocked. Sad news. I’ve enjoyed the site for years.

@Aywren Yeah, I’d say so. Quality stuff and at length. Aaaand I still plan to buy the DLC for it too. More! Maybe I’ll complete main quest first, take a break, then do DLC later? Factor in Tears of the Kingdom in May.

@Aywren I read the WP announcement and agree, AFAIK, one must pay for plug-ins to even begin using the Fediverse. Does this effectively put the Fedi behind a paywall on WP? 🤔 Not sure.