Jason McFadden

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Hi, I’m Jason: Gen X, Texan, husband, dad, geek, believer, blogger, gamer, structural designer.

I blog about computing tech, video gaming, and more. Topics are listed in the Archive.

My writing does not use ChatGPT or A.I. Typos are my own. I prefer my puns intended. Please pardon any broken links.

  • Wrote editorials for RPGamer.com
  • AutoCAD guy
  • Celiac disease / Gluten-free
  • Left-handed
  • Married 21 years
  • Have 5 sons
  • Game on Switch
  • Compute on Mac and iPhone
  • Like Digital Minimalism
  • Like Lego
  • Like photography
  • Love hiking
  • Love Tex-Mex
  • Love turn-based JRPGs