Fully Rendered In Dark Mode

A quick update for the blog. My site www.jasonmcfadden.com now has an official new blog name, “Fully Rendered.” It’s also now sporting a dark theme.

After migrating from Jason Journals at WordPress to Blogger, I had named my new blog jasonmcfadden to match the domain name and keep things simple. And being unsure what direction my post content would go, I made the blog minimal and mostly white. It was clean, maybe too spartan, and the header image — the site URL — felt a bit lacking.

Before. Light theme.

After. Dark theme.

With my new blog name and header, I’ve added a custom graphic. It’s a pixel art profile image of an RPG character I made using RPG Maker MZ (which, by the way, runs on my M1 MacBook Air, no problems).

Here’s my explanation for the new blog name:

“Fully Rendered” originally came from a phrase I repeated ad infinitum when exclaiming how Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo was developed using pre-rendered 3D computer graphics. The name eventually became my gaming avatar pseudonym. It stands for both modern video gaming and computing technology.

Previously, at Jason Journals, my blogging focused on mobile computing and video gaming. Once again, that’s my focus. It’s fun to geek out on my hobbies and interests.

What do you think of the new look and feel?