Elon Bought A Pet Blue Bird

Maybe you noticed Twitter now belongs to Elon Musk. Some are worried, some cautiously optimistic, some are leaving the social site. Others will wait and see. I think it will be interesting to watch.

When Elon first moved to buy Twitter earlier this year, I deleted my ten-year-old account. Part of my decision was related to the uncertain or dark future of the platform under the edicts of Elon. Mostly, though, I realized that checking Tweets had become too distracting, nigh addicting, to me personally.

Overall, I think Twitter will, like Facebook, slowly dwindle and become less relevant. Regardless of who owns Twitter or what Zuckerberg does to pivot Facebook, it really seems that the tide has shifted on Web 2.0 social media; that era is winding down. Tik-Tok may have some social aspects to it but isn’t quite the same, and its popularity (also temporary) indicates a shift from what social networking was in its hey-day.

What’s your take?