HearPods Sound More Likely

I’ve written about my tinnitus, trying out hearing aids, and the ear-pleasing potential of AirPods Pro before. I’ve also said Apple could someday make “HearPods,” a more hearing-aid capable form of AirPods Pro. Now it’s more likely than ever.

From The Verge:

“A new final rule from the Food and Drug Administration created a new category for over-the-counter hearing aids — which wouldn’t need an exam or an expensive fitting. The devices could be in stores as soon as mid-October.”

“Apple has reportedly considered entering the hearing aid business — and AirPods Pro already have a “Conversation Boost” feature that makes it easier to hear voices.”

And from Apple’s AirPods Pro page October 2022:

“AirPods Pro go beyond the listening experience to assist with select hearing needs. Features like Conversation Boost bring focus to voices directly in front of you. Headphone Accommodations amplify frequencies you may need to hear clearly. And if you need to focus on a guest speaker in a bustling auditorium, Live Listen works with your iPhone to pick up sound at a distance.”

Call me optimistic, but I’ve been hearing a steady drumbeat — no, it’s not my tinnitus — for the past few years, signaling the potential for affordable hearing aid-like gadgets that could help folks like me. 

Besides my tinnitus, an audiologist screening — two separate sources — both revealed I have mild hearing loss in certain low frequencies. It’s annoying enough that something like AirPods Pro “Conversation Boost” might be helpful, while full-on medical grade hearing aids are overkill for me at this time.

It sounds like that, by the time I might need more aural assistance — not necessarily Siri — “HearPods” could be on the market.

Of course, that sounds good to me.

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