Leaving WordPress

Hello, readers. A monumental shift is afoot at Jason Journals, announcing both a new name and home for the blog. Though it’s the end of an era, it’s also the beginning of another.

Jason Journals has been steadily going since 2017. Blogging about any topic, rather than a niche, has helped me post regularly for several years. That’s not changing. I’m just switching platforms.

What’s the new blog name?


What will the blog be about?

The same as Jason Journals: anything.

That said, I’ve been de-emphasizing computing and gaming and re-focusing on minimalism, simplicity, and reading. So I’m writing more about less, but I’ll still cover previous topics. I might share personal stuff too.

Overall, I’m still Jason and still “journaling.” Essentially, my blog isn’t changing much. It’s partly why the new name is simply jasonmcfadden. Like Jason Journals, it’s my personal blog.

Where’s the new blog home?


What’s happening to Jason Journals on WordPress?

  • I’ll leave it static/dormant for now and at some point remove the custom URL.
  • The contact email for Jason Journals is replaced by the one for jasonmcfadden
  • All Jason Journals WordPress posts have been migrated to jasonmcfadden on Blogger
What’s to know about jasonmcfadden on Blogger?
  • You can subscribe to jasonmcfadden posts via the feed in a reader
  • You can follow jasonmcfadden via the Blogger widget
  • You can comment on my posts at Blogger
  • You can email me to chat about jasonmcfadden posts

Why Blogger?

The risk of using Blogger, which Google could sunset anytime, is real. I share a story and the reasons why I’m Choosing Blogger In 2022 in a separate post, publishing soon at my new site.

For a partial answer to why, here’s the link to one of my first posts, which published only on Blogger before I ultimately launched on WordPress back in 2017:

Four Reasons Why I Chose Blogger - February 7, 2017

Also, I’ve published new posts at jasonmcfadden that are not on Jason Journals, so be sure to check out what you’ve missed so far:

  1. Progress To Less - September 29, 2022
  2. Screen Addiction Harms Relationships - September 26, 2022
  3. The Batman Review - September 24, 2022
  4. iPhone Less - September 23, 2022

Thanks to WordPress for hosting my blog reliably over the years. And thank you, readers, for taking your valuable time to read and comment on my posts.

I hope to see you at jasonmcfadden and look forward to this next endeavor.