Reading Challenge Update 2022

It’s September, and I just now half-completed my annual reading challenge: 6 of 12 books read. Looks like I’ve got catching up to do. My next two books are bought, I’ve started one of them, and I have a few other recent additions to my list. I might reach 12 this year after all.

I recently finished re-reading Digital Minimalism. Then I read Biblical Minimalism. I mean, more about less is always good, right? Two books in the last month is double the average, which is promising.

Now I’m reading one that’s been on my list for a long time; apparently it was on sale so I grabbed it: The Secret Lives of Introverts. The author is creator of a site I like, Introvert, Dear. Being introverted myself, I hope this book is illuminating. I’ll be reading it alone. ;)

Next on the list is, “enough,” by Patrick Rhone. It’s short! So this one will help me reach my 12-book goal more easily.

After these, I’ve got a small stack of minimalism related books I want to check out. Hopefully, by year’s end, I’ll reach my modest goal of one book per month. At least I’ll get close. Either way, I’m enjoying what I read and enjoying my new Kindle Paperwhite. #blessed

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What are you currently reading?