Top Gun Maverick Impression

Fantastic! Yes, I got to see the movie starring Tom Cruise this week on Discount Tuesday at my local theater – what a treat it was! (No spoilers.)

I think the movie is a must-see on the large cinema screen, full of close-ups and eye-widening aerial shots. But it’s not just the visuals that impress. The excellent sound effects come through loud and clear while the music is silenced, so you feel like you’re in the cockpit with the aviators, gripping the flight stick, punching buttons, and being slammed into the canopy as the jet maneuvers like a pinball in the sky. The flight action is visceral.

The actors portrayed their characters well, and I think this is where the movie outshines expectations. Yes, it’s a fantastic summer blockbuster action flick, through and through. But beyond action, there’s very good characterization and interplay between the different relationships, and they move the emotions.

Also, I think the movie stands tall on its own, but if you’ve seen the original from the 80’s, the backstory and nostalgia factors do play heavily and enrich Top Gun Maverick. The soundtrack…yes, reprised or replayed, loved it!

The movie is so thrilling that I plan to watch it again soon on the biggest theater screen I can find. And I plan to sit closer so I feel more immersed in the tense and fast action. It really is a fun flick! I plan to buy it on Blu-Ray as well.

Have you seen Top Gun Maverick? What did you think?