I Am Setsuna Backlogged

Thanks to a generous sale, I added another RPG to my backlog this week. I am Setsuna has been on my wishlist for a while now, and it moved to the front burner this week when I found a new positive review of the game at The-Pixels. Later, when I looked and saw the game was 50% off, my Switch’s memory card welcomed the new download.

I am Setsuna is inspired by classic JRPGs of the 90s and is said to be nostalgic, which I think is enough for me to want to play it. But the game is said to feature more as well. Screen shots indicated the game has good visual presentation. Combat seems good too. The story might be a bit linear and simple, but that’s okay with me. A straightforward tale and quest isn’t necessarily bad or mediocre; sometimes less is more. 

One other trait of the title that sold me is its relatively short playtime at around 20 to 30 hours. I appreciate quality RPGs that take less time to finish than their mega-long counterparts. I like to squeeze a short game or two in between 60+ hours roleplaying adventures. I guess my brain just needs some breathing room every now and then.

Hopefully this game will take up some of my playtime this year; I’ve been looking forward to experiencing it. The title just seems special to me somehow. I have a feeling it has a chance to end up as one of my personal favorites, like it might be one of those overlooked or under appreciated gems.

Have you played I am Setsuna?