A Word On Wordle

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called, Wordle. I started playing it in January this year, and now I look forward to a new word everyday. It combines gaming and writing (well, you know, words). So I like it of course.

It’s simple but not always easy. You only get 6 guesses to find the word of the day, which is always just 5 letters. Most of the time, I guess in 3 or 4 tries, and I’ve made some mistakes. Sometimes the word will pop into my head, but other times the word eludes me to no end. Even if I’ve had coffee.

I like the logic part of ruling out letters when a fitting word doesn’t come to mind; there’s a bit of strategy to it. It reminds me of the game called, Mastermind, which has colored pegs in a certain sequence, and you must guess the right colors in the right order to “crack the code.” I’m not great at that game, but my wife is. So we put our heads together to form a hive mind…but I digress.

If you like Scrabble or Words with Friends, then you’ll probably enjoy Wordle. But beware. If you’re like me, then you’ll start noticing 5-letter words everywhere, everyday, all the time. You’ll think, “Oh, that’d make a good Wordle.” You’ve been warned.

For the record, Wordle should have been named “Word5.” It has five letters instead of six, matching the game. And the last character is the number 5, which of course looks like an “S.”

On second thought, eh, I think Wordle works best.

The last word: enjoy!