A Fitting New Adventure

Most of my gameplay is within the RPG genre; I just love engrossing stories with fun and addicting battle systems. Currently, Bravely Default II and Octopath Traveler are scratching that itch for me. Alas, yesterday I started yet another new adventure, but it’s not an RPG. There is an adventure to be had and monsters to deal with, so maybe it’s RPG-adjacent. Maybe not though. Without doubt, it’s a fitting title for me nonetheless; it’s Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch!

This game is impressive. The Ring Con and Leg Strap work great. I’ve been enjoying simple yet challenging exercises while competing with my whole family for new records. My five young sons have tons of energy and enjoy video games, so this new Switch title is a great fit for them. They’re loving their time spent in the fun fitness game so far.

The game fits me well because I happen to be on a diet and have restarted daily exercises. My Apple Watch and iPhone apps (Lose it!, Health, Fitness) help me see my un-fitness level with metrics, and they motivate me to reach new goals and fitness levels. My cardio is up and my calories are down. This is promising; I stored up excess weight over the past few winter months, being cooped up and eating lots of Christmas candy. Now that Spring is hinting at its impending arrival, my fitness needs have reawakened.

Having the Ring Fit Adventure game already has shown me how I can enjoy the fun of gaming while getting healthier at the same time. It really is working for me so far and is a great addition to my daily routine of walking and running outside. The weather does not always cooperate, so the option to jog and exercise indoors is fulfilling.

On top of all that, I discovered that the Apple Watch has a built-in exercise called “Fitness Gaming” with a game controller icon. Nice!

Exercise is not always fun. It takes self-discipline, self-denial (no more Cokes), time, and effort. At the same time, it’s very rewarding. Using technology like Apple Watch and a fitness video game helps tremendously. I think the important thing for anyone is to find what works best for them and be realistic about their fitness goals. It literally just takes a decent pair of shoes to get going. Another thing that helps is to start small and build up; making little successes adds up quickly and is motivating.

One other way to stay active and fit that’s worth mentioning is sports. Team or solo athletics are a great way to have fun while getting exercise at the same time. My favorite “sport” as a kid was skateboarding (it was also a lifestyle for me), and as an adult, my favorite is/was karate. Now in my 40’s, I want to stick with low-impact workouts with a focus on cardio, so running and walking and now fitness gaming work out best for me and my, uh, work outs. Lifting weights to lose weight also sounds good.

Are you wanting to up your fitness game? What technology or tools have you tried and found success with?