Here Come The HearPods

This week I was happy to hear about a new feature coming to AirPods Pro. Apple is enabling the upcoming feature through software, so the hardware a user already owns will gain a capability. Too bad I don’t yet possess the Pro version of AirPods; I have the entry-level pods. I love’em, to be sure. But with Apple sweetening the deal on AirPods Pro, I’m more eager to buy them than ever.

The new feature that has boosted my interest in AirPods Pro is called Conversation Boost. This new ability sounds like something I both want and need as it makes the AirPods function like hearing aids.

I suffer from Tinnitus and mild hearing loss. Having undergone various tests at different times to assess and confirm this, I was given a pair of hearing aids to try for a week. They synced with an app on my iPhone and…long story short, they were impressive yet more than I needed at the time. What would be useful to me now is what Conversation Boost is described as. It lets AirPods Pro focus on the voice speaking in front of you and can also minimize ambient noise so that you can more easily hear what’s being said.

One situation in particular where this feature would be useful to me is regular conversation in a restaurant; I can hardly understand what others are saying unless they’re right next to me as their voice is muffled by ambient noise. I often give up on the chit-chat and only enjoy the food.

This upcoming feature, Convo Boost, is a health/quality of life capability that would bring much value to me. In addition, AirPods Pro bring other benefits I’m sure to enjoy: Noise Cancellation, deeper bass, Passive/Ambient mode, Spatial Audio, and wireless charging. So while I’ve been meaning to wait until my current AirPods bite the dust before upgrading to the Pro Pods, my ears are itching for Conversation Boost. It sounds like I’ll be purchasing the AirPods Pro sooner rather than later.