Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Oh, wow! As if I didn’t have enough games to play, Square Enix just announced another must-play game coming to iOS and Android (and hopefully the Switch!). It’s called Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. It has gaming content from every iteration of Final Fantasy VII, including the original game remastered (not a remake?) with modern HD graphics! I think this is better than the FFVII Remake that came out for the PS4 in 2020!

Based on videos and reviews online, the PS4 Remake of FFVII looks graphically spectacular and has expanded story content. So, yes, objectively the game is awesome (note: I haven’t played it). But a straight Remaster of FFVII with the original story and play-through intact looks better to me. Why? The magic word: nostalgia.

I replayed FFVII on the Switch last year, re-finishing it for the first time since circa 1997. The graphics are pretty much the same as what I recall on the PS1. Simple yet effective. But I would love to replay it again with modern HD graphics. And I’m talking not just up-rezzed textures but especially increased polygon count! And yeah, add in realistic lighting and volumetric effects. Expand and upgrade the cut-scenes too.

Otherwise, I’d like the game elements to remain as the original. Scale, locations, travel, hidden items, weapons, materia, all the same. I think it would be like the new remaster of Link’s Awakening. That game started life on the GameBoy. The Switch version is basically the same but with modern HD graphics. It looks superb, and it’s been great playing it as a traditional top-down 2D adventure game. It’s classic Zelda stuff, so that helps.

So with the upcoming remaster of FFVII Ever Crisis, I’m looking forward to definitely playing through it. Again! I’ve already added it to my wish-list on Grouvee. Until then, I’m eager for more info as it hits the internet.

PS – Let’s call games on our wishlist or not-yet-released our “Frontlog” because my Backlog is getting too big. I must divide it up.