Tom Bihn Portable Pouch

Everyday, we have stuff to carry. Mobile Computing requires its own burden of accoutrements. Take iPad, for example. With it, you’re likely to have at least one portable peripheral, either an Apple Pencil or a Smart Keyboard. And don’t forget headphones. To haul that gear, your pants pockets won’t be enough. That’s one reason why I’ve been looking at EDC bags.

After much research, I finally settled on one company – TOM BIHN – to address my Everyday Carry (EDC) needs, which includes not just the usual phone/keys/wallet but also tech accessories (Techcessories).

Tom Bihn sells both big bags and small organizer pouches. These little pockets are intentionally designed to not only fit inside the bags but also to work well together. If you’re curious to know more, check out this video, an Ode To O-Rings.

I’ve not yet received my first Tom Bihn bag, but I did get one of the small pouches. It’s called the Clear Organizer Pouch. I wanted it to use inside a bag I plan to buy. And I bought it first so I could sample a bit of Tom Bihn material.


The fabric is 1050 Denier HT Ballistic Nylon. It’s smooth yet has a nice bit of texture to it. So it doesn’t feel rough. I’ve shoved it in and out of my pocket and my laptop bag, yet it hasn’t been marred, scuffed, or scratched in any way. Seams and stitching look and feel excellent.

I haven’t gotten the pouch wet, or spilled coffee on it, but you can clearly see the coating on the inside that protects it from liquid. Also, the fabric doesn’t stretch, but the clear urethane-based front window feels like it could if you had a bulging object inside the pouch. I like that it’s totally transparent.

On the other hand, that clear urethane grabs a plastic AirPods case with serious grip. You won’t slide AirPods into the pouch.

When ordering, you can’t pick the color you want. But I got lucky with my first preference, Burnt Orange! It’s darker/more “burnt” in person than online and is completely uniform across the fabric. And it has a little shine to it in the light.

The zipper is not too loose or tight. Nor is it too loud in a quiet office when unzipping! The zipper pull feels like a tough plastic, not a cold metal. I believe this material choice is to avoid scratching your phone or other things in your bag. Nice. As for sound, the zip-pull is only slightly clangy to me, not a problem.

The O-Ring and snaphook also feel like the same material as the zipper pull. The snaphook is much easier to use than I expected. Getting it hooked on or off stuff is simple. It also has a quiet snap sound to it.

Finally, the handle loop has good thickness and width. It’s tough but isn’t rough on your hand. The slider that tightens the loop won’t fall off, but I imagine with enough force it could be removed.

The size of this Mini pouch fits in my pants’ front pocket to use as a simple wallet. I loop the handle-loop over itself through my belt loop to tether the pouch. It works great.

The Mini is also a nice size for keeping little tech things organized like headphones or Nintendo Switch cartridges. The fit is snug, yet it will store an Apple Watch with the wrist-strap removed.

Overall, the Tom Bihn Clear Organizer Pouch – Mini is a fine utilitarian product. It feels like it will last for a long time, as in decades. The pouch comes in various fun colors and is a simple example of form and function working well together.

With this small taste of Tom Bihn quality craftsmanship, I look forward to buying more of their organizer solutions and, of course, a nice bag to put them in.

One of Tom Bihn’s slogans is, “Portable Culture.” With Mobile Computing and Everyday Carry, that’s as true today as ever.