Geek On Games

Lately, since I’ve been obsessed focused on video games, especially JRPGs, I stumbled upon two cool websites.


One is It’s got some great reviews on games, and it’s great to compare different ones to get a better idea about a particular game one might want to dive into.

My next one on the backlog is Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Of course, it gets fun to geek out over different battle systems and leveling systems, and the pros and cons of traditional Japanese (JRPG) versus action (ARPG) versus strategy/tactical (SRPG). Then there’s the similar discussion about Japanese versus Western RPGs. But I don’t wanna digress here.


At some point I wondered if there was like a “goodreads” for games. Turns out, there totally is!!

I discovered Grouvee and am loving it so far. Uh, yeah, I joined!

I am FullyRendered.

There’s a nice geek gamer culture there where it’s fun to share your love of video gaming with others. Or you could use it as a simple cataloging system to track what you’ve played or want to play. Plus, there’s more!

The site has been run by only one guy since like 2012 – impressive! Talk about a passion project. Much thanks to the site developer! I plan to “Go Gold” and pitch in my monetary share to support the site via subscription; it’s that cool.

So, if you wanna know what game I’m currently playing, I’ve got a new widget at the bottom of the blog for that. It happens to be Final Fantasy X HD Remaster on Switch.

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