The iPod Still Not Dead In 202

Other than the Mac, what is the longest running Apple product to date? I’m not sure, but it might be the iPod. Believe it or not, the iPod is still available for sale today, after nearly 19 years!

Announced last May, the latest iPod, and maybe last, is the 7th generation iPod touch. You know, the iPhone without the phone.

How or why is this thing still kickin’ around?

Fair question. On Best Buy’s website, where it has hundreds of high-rated reviews, many people seem to buy the iPod touch for their young kids. But isn’t that what hand-me-down iPads are for?

Yeah. But the iPod touch comes in pink!

You can think of the iPod touch as an iPad nano, or an Apple tablet that fits in your pocket! Pocketability is still a stand-out feature in a tech gizmo these days.

Notably, among all of Apple’s iOS devices, the iPod touch still uses a 4” display! The newest iPhone SE replaced the previous 4” screen recently. Only the iPod touch retains it.

It also retains a headphone jack!

So what’s the iPod touch for? Apple’s website still lists it under the “Music” section. Scrolling the iPod touch page, there are three main uses: music, games, and AR (augmented reality). And they all add up to one word: Fun.

Who doesn’t like fun?

To have Apple’s version of fun, it’ll cost $200. My kid would like one, sure. But for $200, he would also like a Nintendo Switch Lite, which has a huge display and real gaming controls. The only downsides compared to the iPod touch: the Switch Lite is not pocketable, and it doesn’t do music.

My oldest son still uses an iPod shuffle for his music. He’ll likely skip over the iPod touch and use an iPhone. But knowing the iPod still exists is a nice touch.

Back in 2008, I switched from an iPod shuffle to the 2nd gen iPod touch. Later I got the 4th gen version. The halo effect of that device led me to eventually get an iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook. Seeing iPod touch still for sale today is like reminiscing in nostalgia.

When will Apple discontinue the iPod line? That remains a hanging question. Once it does, there will be tech articles noting the end of an era that introduced the world to 1,000’s of songs in your pocket and a-la-carte mp3 selection. Even iTunes, which preceded iPod, has already been put to rest by and large, broken apart on the Mac.

For now, you can still grab an iPod. If you still want one.