Months Of Wireless Goodness

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Finding a bargain when shopping feels great! And while it makes sense to pay extra for better quality stuff, what I love even more is being frugal to discover products that are better than good-enough yet don’t break the bank. Seven months ago, I finally bought my first pair of wireless headphones…for $30! So how does a pair of these hold up over time? Are they worth the money?

Good Headphones

In Unchained Audio, I shared how happy I was to finally enjoy wire-free headphones. I had been tempted for months by Apple’s popular and prestigious AirPods. But there are things I dislike about them, most of all is the sky-high price tag. So when I pulled the trigger on my $30 pair of Bluetooth headphones, I was glad to dispel the expensive temptation.

Seven months later, I still don’t feel any tug towards Apple’s AirPods. And my $30 MPOW H1 headphones are as good as new! They still sound terrific – I swear I can hear more sounds in music with more clarity and not too much bass. They are comfortable – I wear them for hours almost everyday for songs and podcasts.

What about their durability? They have not degraded in any way. The cushioned padding, the stitching, the plastic housing, and the side buttons all look and feel like new. No fraying, no tearing, no loosening. For $30, you would think that something by now would be wrong. But even the battery still holds a super long charge.

Good Review

I had thought about doing this blog post because I am still enjoying the wireless headphone life thanks to these super affordable MPOW H1 headphones I got on Amazon. I wanted to share how good they still are and that you can save money while also enjoying fancy wireless tech.

Then I stumbled upon a YouTube video by none other than popular tech reviewer MKBHD. In an Amazon Prime series, he reviewed the first generation of the MPOW bluetooth headphone I have; mine are gen 2. And his verdict was good. Basically, MKBHD recommended them. So that’s a good endorsement. You can save yourself some cash and feel good about finding a bargain!