Three Hundred And Counting

I enjoy blogging for some weird reason, and I’m happy to report reaching a mile-marker along the journey: 300 followers!

More And Merrier

Let’s pretend none of my 300 followers are bots or foreign hackers – that’s a legit number! It’s over half-way to half a grand! Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but what if..? What if I could someday reach 1,000 followers? Why would that huge of a number be a worthy goal?

I’ll tell you why. It’s not because I would suddenly find fame and fortune. Nope, not that. It’s because I like writing and blogging my thoughts. I like sharing or conversing with folks online. I like authenticity. And if I have more readers, then I have more reasons to write even more! Having a huge audience would give me more incentive and encouragement to enjoy what I do – write/blog.

Friendly Folk

Let’s put 300 followers in perspective. One year ago, I hit 100 followers. So I gained 200 in the past 365 days. And this is where I’m coming from. I’ve never had that big of a number anywhere. My Twitter follower count is small, my Facebook friend list is less, and you name it: Instagram, Flickr, Google+ back in the day… I’ve never had a number even close to 300.

Don’t worry. It’s not making my head swell. I figure half are bots and many are likely mercy follows or follow-for-a-follow types. Whatever. Also, I know that quality trumps quantity. It’s better to have a few close buddies online than a million ambiguous whoevers.

In my blogging time, I’ve met a few very friendly folks and connected on some level more than superficial. I value their time, attention, and dialogue. A good discussion with one person is greater than 100 follow-backs. Comments are nice!

So…raise a glass…here’s to more. More blogging, more followers. And greater friends.