Facebook And Instagram And Hunger Games

What do Facebook, Instagram, and the Hunger Games have in common? You might think about some kind of technological dystopia. Good guess, but no. They’re all books about to be released soon, and I’m planning to read them with gusto!

Three Big Ones

Here are the three books you’ve gotta check out, coming soon:

February 25th – First, Steven Levy’s new book will become widely available to devour. It’s a feast on the facts of Facebook: The Inside Story.

April 14th – Second, the social network that Facebook bought for a billion gets a tell-all book called No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram, authored by Sarah Frier.

May 19th – Third, the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is getting a prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, covering the beginnings of Panem’s evil leader, Snow.

What a line-up! Two non-fictions, one fiction. The first two are like a one-two combo punch about Zuckerberg and Social Media. Is it a coincidence that they’re so connected, similar, and releasing so close together? I wouldn’t be surprised.

And a book delving into the world of Panem, which brought us Katniss, is salsa on the chips!

Future Is Written

I have anticipated new good books coming on the horizon before, but it’s always been one at a time. In the first half of 2020, I see three books heading straight at me. I can’t wait! My kindle paperwhite is ready!

These three books are sure to be popular among many, which just adds to the excitement. Who doesn’t love a good book to dive into? Reading is such a lovely experience as it engages your mind in a way that vegging out on Netflix or other forms of entertainment just can’t touch.

I have not read much lately; I must put down my Nintendo Switch for a short time in order to pick up each of these books and get lost in them. But it’ll be totally worth it.