The Kindle Rekindled

The kindle is back, baby! For months, it was discarded in a drawer like last year’s fashion. My beloved white Paperwhite is the right device for reading. It is the Jedi Master of eBooks. No, better yet, it is the Yoda. Much to read, I still have!

Kindle Rekindled

Back in April, I published a piece about being torn from my kindle. It was sort of an experiment to rely more on my iPad as eReader. While nice, I later ditched my iPad for a Chromebook in August. So then I switched to my iPhone being my eReader. I also flipped from using the Apple Books app to Google Play Books instead.

I had doubted that I would abandon my kindle for good though. My gut was right on that one. Over the weekend, while exploring new books to read, I reinstalled the kindle app on my phone. Then I found my Paperwhite, charged it up, and rediscovered how good it is!

I started reading a book that’s been on my To-Read shelf for a long time: Dune. It’s a 600-something page novel, no small thing. So I’m sure glad I’ve got the eBook version. And I can think of no better way to read it than on a kindle.

Pros and Cons

The only real downside to using my kindle is that I have yet one more device to manage. I know, “first-world problem.” But simplicity is a valuable virtue when we are inundated with tech and entertainment options. I’ve now gotta charge three devices with three separate cables! (My Chromebook has a USB-C plug. My iPhone uses the Lightning port. And my kindle is still recharged via Micro-USB.)

Thankfully, the kindle lasts forever on a single top-off from the wall outlet, which is one of the upsides. My iPhone’s battery will last longer since I’m not draining it from reading eBooks.

Other pluses that make me glad to be reunited with my kindle are its wider screen, the built-in store, and integration with my favorite book service, goodreads.

Most of all, the kindle’s eInk screen is still its top talent. Fall weather, Lord willing, is imminent. With cooler temps, I’ll be able to sit on our tree swing outside while I read on my kindle, escaping comfortably into other worlds.

Book It

If you don’t have a kindle, then after you finish reading this blog post, go to and pick one out. It’s okay, you have permission.

The newest kindle for less than 100 dollars now has a built-in light! But I still recommend the $120 Paperwhite because of the higher resolution text, which gives you a smoother reading experience.