Reading Challenge Update 2019

I’ve missed reading! I started off the year doing about a book a month, but things got extra busy this Summer. I had read only one short book in the last few months, so I’m behind in my annual goodreads reading challenge. But I think I’m gonna catch up.

Storybook Series

I’m just up to 6 books so far. My goal this year is 13 books; more than one per month average! Oooh, big risk taker, right. Well last year it was 12 and I managed the entire Harry Potter series plus more for a total of 22. Recently I found a new author of books that is giving me a boost.

Sometime back in May, I discovered Cheri Baker and her first book (and I just now added her to my blogroll). I slowly read a chapter here and there when I had a random lunch break available. The ending tied up the plot nicely, and the second book only set me back five bucks, so I jumped into it. Compared to the marathon of book one in the Kat Voyzey series, I sprinted through book two! And yep, there’s a third book and I’ve already started it.

After I conclude Cheri’s series of Kat Voyzey sleuth stories, I plan to jump into another book by the author called, “The Assistant.” It seems to be more about spying than sleuthing, so I think I’m gonna like it even more. We’ll see!

Fun Fiction

I’m happy to have found a new author to enjoy. I think she has a new trilogy in the works, a cozy mystery series, and the setting is intriguing: a cruise ship! Fun! So that’s a lot more to look forward to.

What also gets me pumped is discovering new authors, like Baker, who succeed in publishing their stories, fulfilling a dream I’ve had over the years. It’s inspiring; I hope to learn more about the process and write my own worlds to escape in.