Blog Post Cramming

Some people are good at ignoring certain things. But most of us pay attention to the numbers we get: likes, shares, comments. For my blog, I check the stats. I’m the blogger who, close to the end of the month, wants to post more, hoping to boost my monthly numbers, like cramming for a test at the last moment.

Writing with purpose

I know that writing should be authentic, and I don’t want to be a disingenuous blogger. So I try to always write the right way, mustering frank honesty as much as I can. In truth, I think some pretentiousness sneaks in there like a subtle serpent.

So to be honest, when then end of the month draws near and I see my blog stats looking anemic, I get motivated. I try to think of what I can post in the closing days, what drafts have I left dormant that are otherwise sincere attempts at jotting my thoughts down.

Then I dust off those drafts, crack the knuckles, bust out my trusty Chromebook with it’s sublime keyboard and get to tapping away.

Numbers are not the goal

Having a bunch of stats to look at is nice and helpful. And as nice as big numbers are, it should be obvious that numbers are not what a writer or blogger aims for. We aim for words and letters! Big numbers are for accountants, not authors. More than blog stats, I like word-counts because those numbers directly reflect the myriad of words. But not the message of those words.

The quantity of words is important, but not as important is the quality of those words.

Words in sum

A sum, or summary, of words adds up to one message. While I admit I tend to cram posts at the end of each month, I don’t always pull that off, yet it helps me stay on track. And in any case, I aim for my posts to be good and sincere. Plus, I really enjoy the process of writing, not just the culmination. The journey is as good as the destination.

I want my writing to improve and my blog to grow. High stats at the end of each month signal some kind of growth. They also show lack of growth, which moves me to get cracking, to discipline myself to get some stuff published. Hopefully good stuff.