Unified Minds

Two geeks walk into a deli. And play cards… So my wife and I are still on a Pokemon kick; it really is a fun strategy game! The cool thing is, the newest expansion was just released August 2; it’s called Unified Minds.

Two Minds One Goal

We have 5 boys, and we’re all into Pokemon, so we’ve got lots of cards. But not all the cards. After one month of playing and trading Pokemon, I’ve learned something, let me tell you: You are not going to catch’em all! But it sure is fun to try!

So for fun, and to enjoy Unified Minds release day, my wife and I went head to head at Jason’s Deli as part of our Date Nite. We each had bought the latest Theme Deck – a pre-packaged 60-card battle deck of Pokemon cards.

Each deck has a specific strategy to try out, and neither of us played these decks before, so we were going in blind! We started to learn the cards and their abilities on the fly, utilizing basic and general strategies to figure out how to win. Just writing about it makes me think how fun it was; I want to go play a game now!

Oh, by the way, my wife won. Again.

Two Are One

Marriage is a lot of work to, uh, make it work. But it is also a lot of fun! My wife and I are two people, but we are one couple with the same goals and other stuff. We share our things, our time, etc.

Over the years, we’ve been into different things. For example, before we had lots of kids, we were really into tent camping! We had lots of gear – and time – to spend together in nature, enjoying the great outdoors. I’d say those times “working” together outside strengthened our bonds.

There’s a little theme here that follows the last three Pokemon expansions, by the way. In order, those are: Team Up, Unbroken Bonds, and Unified Minds.

Yeah, husband and wife teamed up. Our bonds together are unbroken. And our minds – and hearts – are unified as one.

I meant to write this post as a simple journal to geek out a little about Pokemon. It’s turned out to also be about marriage. So here’s some simple wisdom:

Making marriage work requires both work and play. Like other areas of life, take marriage seriously, but also balance it with lots of fun! Try new things together, explore, have adventures: these things help create new shared experiences, which makes your knot-tied roots grow deeper.

But I still need to win more Pokemon battles against my wife.

Have you played Pokemon before?