More Star Wars Saga Please

Happy #StarWarsDay! At last, we come to it again. May 4th.
Star Wars fans can geek out today! Especially this year, because in December we get the last movie in the main canon of the Star Wars saga! But really, I wish there would be more. Why must a saga come to an end?

The Rise of Skywalker Episode IX teaser says, “The saga comes to an end.” I know it’s nice to have completion and fulfillment. All plot holes filled, all questions answered. That’s totally satisfying.

But who really wants a good thing to end? When you’re having a good time, time flies. And when it’s over, you’re wishing it would keep going and you wonder how the time flew by so fast.

I want more.

More Star Wars.

More lightsabers.

More mysterious weaving of the Skywalker family line.

I think there’s a case to be made for more.

Because The Force!

The force is like this eternal thing, right? It just is. It just keeps going. And in this “final” trilogy, episodes VII through IX, the force is somehow coming back to balance. It is leveling out the dark side and the light.

Let’s say the balance is found. All things are settled in the galaxy far far away. Yeah, time to do the Ewok happy jig!

But…everyone knows balance is super hard to maintain. It slowly starts to lean one way or the other. And isn’t the dark side always trying to take over?

So I say, Disney should let things hang in the balance for a few years. And then…the dark starts to rise again. Some triggering event could occur where it makes sense for a key new character to get angry. Because anger always leads to the dark side!

Disney controls the Star Wars universe now. And I think Disney knows it can make more money. Lightsabers, Jedi, Sith, force ghost Yoda…these legends can always make money.

So more Star Wars, please. Not expanded universe stuff. New main canon stuff. How about a trilogy of “Sagas,” wherein each Saga is a trilogy of trilogies. So at least two more Sagas, that’d be 18 more main episodes!

Here, take my Republic Credits.

May the 4th be with you.

Do you want more Star Wars?