The Blog Turns Two

Jason Journals has arrived at its 2nd anniversary! Yeah! It only took two years to get here! […crickets…] While I wish I blogged regularly during the past two years, I have no genie in a bottle to help me out. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll post every month in 2019! Either way, it’s been interesting.

Looking back, I’ve blogged much more in my 2nd year than in the 1st. Last Summer, my blog had a short hiatus. But I re-committed last October and, so far, have been on somewhat of a blogging streak – cue happy dance.

Last month, Jason Journals reached a mini-milestone of gaining 100 followers on WordPress. Not a big number, but still, that’s progress! Any sign of growth is a good one to me.

Speaking of growth, I dare to think that my writing has improved – a little – in the past year. Maybe I have found my natural voice for typing the wispy notions from my 3-pound brain. They’re not all mind-candy, true, but that just means I still have room for growth. Nothing to brag about. I wrestle with the whole quality versus quantity issue for posts. But I hope that, with more practice, I will get better at prose.

For this year’s anniversary post, I’ve got four things for you:

One, announce an email address so you can write to me. Here it is!

Two, announce and launch my blog’s newest theme, Rowling, by Anders Noren.

Three, announce a new feature on my blog, the Gallery. Here I showcase my favorite or best photography (my side-hobby) since I no longer use Flickr and I deleted my Instagram. (As of this posting, the Gallery – unexpectedly – isn’t displaying correctly; it should improve in the near future.)(Update: it works correctly now; thanks to the WordPress Happiness Engineers!)

Four, I’m listing four of my past posts about blogging itself in one handy place below. Maybe it will be informative and useful to you!

Raising a cup of coffee, here’s to another full year of blogging!

How long have you been blogging?