An Awesome Blog Designer

If you’ve ever blogged, then you know there are super choices when it comes to themes. The design of a theme is a big deal because your blog must look like the-best-blog-ever, and it must work. I’ve tried many themes; I gravitate to those by one particular awesome designer Anders Noren.

I like searching for the ideal theme that’s got the prime balance of features I want. The style my eyes land on is clean, crisp, elegant, and minimal yet not bland. Typography should be bold but not audacious while also being easy to read.

Basically, Anders Noren style!

The design aesthetic of Anders exemplifies all the traits you could want. He knows how to handle both text and images, not just displaying them but showcasing them.

The icing on the cake is that many of his themes are free! And who doesn’t like free?

Of the many themes Noren has created, I have tried three of them and am about to switch to another theme of his. A fresh coat of paint could be nice to coincide with my blog’s 2nd anniversary coming up.

Here’s the thing that surprised me – as I found myself scanning the WordPress themes gallery and checking out different ones, I went by features and looks first. Yet I noticed that, somehow, I happened to prefer one by Anders Noren – again!

Right now I’m using the Lovecraft theme. But I wanted to move to one with more imagery while not appearing cluttered. So I have landed on Rowling.

Other great themes by Noren that I have tried in the past are Baskerville and Hemingway. You should check them out. Studying other themes will give you new ideas to spruce up your current one, exposing you to features or layouts you may not have been aware of.

What theme are you using now?