Deleted My Instagram Account Today

Another day. Another deletion. This time it was Instagram. I had almost deleted my account back in December last year but just removed the app from my iPhone and left the rest alone. Until today.

I dropped a nuke from orbit.

There wasn’t much to nuke really. I had only just created my account in early August of last year. After about four months and 20 photos, I was already thinking of pulling the plug.

What made me delete, you ask? Fair question. Well, besides having little invested and little to lose, I just didn’t use it. And I like to keep my online stuff simple. So now I have one less account to manage.

Another big sticking point is that Instagram is a Facebook property. And I’ve increasingly distanced myself and detached from Facebook. So Instagram deletion fits in.

Why am I disengaged from or disenchanted with Facebook and its apps and services? I bet you can guess why. But this is for another blog post on another day.

So where will I post my random photos now? Maybe nowhere. Maybe I’ll have fewer random photos and more intentional ones. Imagine, photography with better focus! (See what I did there?)

I would like to share more of my pictures here on my blog since this is the space on the interwebs I prefer to invest in. I also still have Twitter at my disposal, but who knows if that’s really a good place for random pix. And I often just text pictures directly to family.