A Music Subscription Sounds Good

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Work has been busy and somewhat stressful. Outside that, my cognitive focus has been on designing a bedroom addition to our house. Plus my wife and I discovered the show Parks and Recreation and have been enjoying it nightly!

Meanwhile, something unexpected started. I have never been interested in subscribing to a streaming music service. I’ve never tried Pandora or Spotify.

But suddenly, I got really interested in joining Apple Music.

For years, I’ve been glued to getting my tunes the ‘old-fashioned’ way: a-la-carte. Buy one song at a time if I really like it.

For music discovery, I’ve just been using YouTube. But there’s drawbacks I may want to avoid. Like ads, Google tracking, and getting sucked into the video vortex.

Back when I was on Android and all the Google stuff, Google Play Music had good radio/music discovery. I miss that.

It looks like Apple Music has excellent playlists and other things for finding new songs, albums, and artists.

So I plan to start the 3 month free trial and see how it goes.

I’m kinda scratching my head over what made me start considering joining Apple Music in the first place. Maybe it was daydreaming about buying AirPods or finding an adapter to make my iPhone 7 work with my current headphones because the jack got jacked.

I used to think subscribing to a music service wasn’t worth $10/month. But now that I’ve actually looked closer at Apple Music, I see much to like. (No ads!)

What gets me is the fact that you can truly have all-the-songs! Every time I think of a song I like but don’t already own, or think of an artist or album I want to complete, it hits me: you can have all the albums. Every artist. Every song. Kinda blows my mind.

Every soundtrack for every movie?! Yes!

What do you use for music?