Computers Are Like Cars

Unlike my previous post, which specifically talked about how iPhones and iPads
last a long time these days, this one is about the longevity of computers in general. I was realizing just how long both my own and my wife’s PCs are still running after many years. And I think it’s like owning a car.

I upgraded my wife’s desktop PC core in 2011; that’s over 7 years ago now! Her 2nd-gen Intel core i5 and 12GB of RAM are still more than enough for her needs. The only boost I gave it was last year when I switched her from Win 7 on a hard drive to Win 10 on an SSD.

My own desktop PC is, get this, only using a Pentium processor and is now 5 years old! The only upgrade it ever saw was the day I brought it home; I added memory, making it go from 4 to 8GB of RAM. And it runs like a champ for my needs.

I expect these PC’s to keep going for a few more years. The only parts that have died were one power supply. Even the hard drives were fine, although one was showing signs of impending failure. Normal enough.

Our computers, even our smartphones, are like cars these days. They all last longer than they used to, so replacing them occurs less often. You just keep using them for as long as they just work. (Also, like appliances.)

On top of that, while buying a new phone/computer (or car) is nice, it is also expensive and not really necessary. Most used computers and cars that are a few years old still work great. So you can buy a certified ‘pre-owned’ car or ‘refurbished’ iPad, get great value, and save a ton of money. Frugal!

Are you looking at replacing or upgrading an aging computer this year?