Reading Challenge 2019

People like to set goals and make resolutions at the start of the new year. But not me. Well, except for the
annual goodreads book reading challenge.

Last year my goal was 12 books – one per month. Seemed feasible. I managed to read 22! For me, that’s pretty amazing.

This year, I’ve made my goal the same, 12 books, because I want to stay feasible, keep things realistic.

But now that I think about it, I should have at least stretched my goal to 13 books! That would be a truly new goal for me! Out with 12, in with 13. They do call it a challenge after all. So, the bar is set higher. It’s now 13!

Also, it’s not exactly a challenge; reading is a pleasure! So why not have more of it? Of course, that assumes the books I find to read are all good-reads. But sometimes I read duds. The writing is fine, the story is okay, but I’m just not drawn into every book. It could be reader error.

Anyways, I recommend the goodreads reading challenge. Sign up for it! It has really helped me to become a better reader. You can track all your progress and all your books and discover new ones!

Plus, reading allows you the excuse to drink more coffee (if you really need an excuse). And drinking more coffee enables you to read more books; it’s a virtuous cycle!

So what reading goals are you setting this year?