Making It Through The Week

It’s been a challenging week so far. It started with my anxiety flaring up severely. My work at my job has been tough. And my family has been extra busy with Christmas festivities. But I think the week will slow down now.

Sunday through half of Tuesday, I was really struggling with severe anxiety. It hasn’t been so bad in a while. I had to talk to a friend to keep from losing my mind. Totally serious. Then I made an appointment with my doctor and my therapist.

Thankfully, my anxiety finally dissipated Tuesday evening and I was able to enjoy a Christmas parade with my family.

Then to my surprise, this morning I felt rested and happy. I even had energy and was more confident. It was great while it lasted. Then the demands of a looming deadline on my current work project frustrated me big time. I had to take a break and pray and wait to calm my mind.

After that, there was another evening Christmas festivity with a live band and carols. Then my family got home, ate dinner, and finally got to wind down. Well, just about. I had to have a heart to heart chat with one of my sons. Then another son, who had suddenly come down with a stomach ache, ran to the bathroom to throw up. He’s ok now it seems.

My wife and I talked and prayed together (she is a good listener). Then I poured a relaxing drink, grabbed my book to read…but then decided to do a blog post. I’ve been so busy with life lately that I’ve been missing out on blogging!

Side note: I recently discovered a new singer and have been enjoying new music. But I’m not saying who it is or what songs they are because I’m afraid of what some people might think. Is that weird?

So there’s a little snapshot of my imperfect life with some highs and lows.