Blogging Your Best

Blogging has always been something
I’ve liked doing. I’ve had various blogs over the years with different success, however that’s defined. There are many “rules” and “tips” out there in the blogosphere. For me, some rules were restrictions which made blogging, or at least getting started, too hard.

When it comes to the single niche topic versus many topics, I break that rule. For me, and others I’ve found, it’s better to blog about any number of topics. I’m not focused on just one thing in life, so my blog isn’t focused on one topic.

It has advantages. For one, it’s less likely you’ll run out of stuff to say, even if you exhaust a particular subject. And if your interests change, or even if just your mood changes, you are free to blog about it without having to change gears on the fly. Just publish the next thing on your mind! No problem.

Should I post once a week or more or less? What’s the best frequency? For me, I’d like to post regularly, every so often, without chaining myself to a magic number or schedule. Because if I don’t meet it, I might feel like I failed and then quit trying. My blog will go defunct.

Here’s another tough thing about blogging: being afraid of what others might think. This is a personal thing I think any blogger might have to work through over time. For some, not caring what others think is a strength. For others, caring what others think is a hang-up.

To that I’ll say I’m somewhere on the spectrum! It kinda depends on the subject. Sometimes I worry about what someone might think, sometimes I don’t. But usually I’m somewhere in between.

I think everyone who blogs varies on how transparent, authentic or honest and open they want to be. And I think the trick is to not let yourself get too hung up on those things.

Part of blogging your best is being aware of all that sort of stuff and working through it to where you can blog more naturally or easily. You must know your personal goals for blogging.

I think another key might fit well here: just enjoy it. Don’t get hung up on “rules” or restrictions. Trying to adhere to certain blogging “standards” may be a hindrance to just getting your thoughts published. Don’t make blogging harder than it is. Keep it simple.

I once was using four different apps (Notes, Pages, Canva, WordPress) on my iPad to blog a single post! That didn’t last long. Now I use only one app (WordPress). This has helped me a ton. It makes blogging simpler.

One last thing. I’m trying to use plain and simple words, and my natural voice, in my blogging. In other words, I’m trying to blog, not write. There’s a distinction.

Writing is more formal or professional. Blogging, to me, is more casual and natural. Write the way I talk is an idea.

The practical thing I’ve noticed is that I try to avoid using big fancy words that make me sound sophisticated. I don’t know how much it helps, but I think it does keep my posts simpler it seems. So even if my thoughts are not perfectly organized, it’s ok! I’m blogging, not writing a non-fiction book.

Anyways, I hope that made some sense as I just kinda thought through it.

How do you measure success or define your “best” blogging?