Anxious For Nothing Review

A few days ago, I started reading a book by Max Lucado called, Anxious for Nothing. I first heard it was coming out last year not long after I had a debilitating anxiety attack. So I thought it could be good timing, what I might call providence instead of coincidence.

I’ve never read anything by Lucado until now, and I have to say that I like his casual writing style and his ability to tell stories. His writing is pretty simple, not scholarly or theological verbose. Plain and simple, written for ordinary people.

The first chapter really got my attention because Max described anxiety really well. He seemed to truly know what it’s like to have serious worry, like on the disorder level. It made me think, “He gets it!”

What he writes can apply to what might be called common anxiety, yet he seems to really be addressing the hardcore kind that I don’t wish on anyone.

The book, so far, follows the outline of a specific passage of Bible verses well known in Christianity. It’s in Philippians 4:4–8. I think the author does a good job of explaining the meaning of the scripture as he effortlessly weaves real life stories and anecdotes throughout. And in doing so, he makes good points without sounding like he’s peaching at anyone!

Right now I’m enjoying the part that says, “Think about what you think about.” Lucado addresses the mind and what it dwells on. I find it helpful because in my experience with crazy anxiety, anxious thoughts go hand-in-hand with anxious feelings. And I’ve often found that controlling the thoughts in my head, especially those negative voices that come in and try to ruin everything, is a key to dispelling worry or apprehension.

I’m not quite finished reading the whole book but soon will be since it’s a relatively short read. I’ll go ahead and recommend it to you if you’ve struggled with anxiety in any degree. I’m glad I finally added it to my library.