The Busy Summer Of 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. No excuses, really. I’m cyclical like that I guess. 
But I had a big change back in May; I left the company I worked for to rejoin my prior employer. And my new workload was jam packed with things to do. So my summer was super busy! I didn’t have much time or energy to focus on blogging.

So there was work. And there was a lot of play. For Father’s Day, my wife surprised me this year with a Wii U! I had not done any console gaming in years, until this Summer. And boy was it fun! So this, too, kept me unfocused from blogging.

But of course, as always, I still like blogging and want to be back into it when I can. So this post is sort of a jump start.

I’ve been thinking about how to approach blogging again to make it easier for me given my busy life (hey, I’m also trying to raise 5 boys).

So one thing I’m gonna try changing is going text only; no more creating titles with images. I used Canva before and liked it. But the whole process is too much overhead for me. Takes too much time and effort.

Another change is that I’m sticking to blogging on my iPad instead of my PC. Hopefully it helps keep my blogging simple.

And finally, a third change: I’m going to try to actually “blog” and not “write.” What do I mean? Writing is more formal, takes more time. Blogging, for me, I want it to be simpler. So I’m gonna try writing more casually, kinda like just the way I talk.

I think this will make it easier, and I think it will help my blog sound more like me, giving my writing my own personal “voice.” Make sense? I hope so.

Also, what will I be writing (blogging) about? Anything. I had a handful of specific topics or categories before, but I’ve let those go bye-bye. This keeps things simpler for me, which helps me blog.

I guess the main goal I have is to blog consistently, so I’m trying to simplify everything to lower the barrier to success.

Let’s see how it goes.