Flower Bugs Made Me A Shutterbug

A photo I took of a single Texas Bluebonnet with bugs on it is the picture that made me become a shutterbug.

To others, this image is nothing special. But to me, it was seminal; it had a big impact on my life. We all have these kinds of experiences in life: an event, a circumstance, a person…somehow they can be special turning points.

So how or why did this single photograph, Bluebonnet Bugs, cause me to focus on photography?

Twelve years ago today, I took this photo with my still new first digital camera (Canon PowerShot A400.) The simple key benefits of digital cameras with instant image feedback and capacity for thousands of photos on one reusable roll of film called an SD Card enabled this in the first place. This made photography accessible; it was easier to practice.

Yet what happened in this particular photo opened my eyes to see God’s creation more than before.

So, I took this photo because Bluebonnets are pretty and rare; they only stay in bloom a few weeks of the year. Plus, I noticed the bright red bug on the flower. Vivid red color juxtaposed on vivid blue color! It was simply eye-catching, worthy of snapping it with my then new digi-cam.

But what happened after I took the picture was what really gave me a vision for photography.

When I reviewed the picture on the back of the camera and zoomed in, to my great surprise and delight, I saw what I had totally missed before: a second cooler looking green bug!

This kind of shocked me because it seemed so obvious, yet I somehow overlooked this neat piece of creation that was right in front of me!

That is what made me appreciate and pursue photography. It taught me to slow down, look around, and see…to notice the wonder and beauty of God’s creation in a new and deeper way!

Many people enjoy landscapes, those breath-taking grand vistas, like sunsets, that hardly can go unnoticed. But there is a microcosm of God’s glory right under our noses full of interesting details to behold.

Yes, the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork (Psalm 19:1).

But he also made miniature marvels, and he gave us macro lenses to capture and wonder at them and in turn know he is wonderful.

Rich Mullins said it best,

“You fill this world with wonders and I’m, filled with the wonder of your world.”